Tuesday, January 31, 2012


~ every days, weeks even years have passed. .like it used to be. .n me. .I'm going to be 22 this year. .haha. .a lil bit older . .n became more mature i guess. .and lately i'm always dreaming about 'him' .its already 10 months since we broke up. .huhu. .but we never lost contact. .he always be there if im want him..but just for a short time. .then he 'lesap'. .haha. .well its oke for me. .im already used to it. .hehe. .but why him??hurm .always been thinking what his doing. .

~he been asking before. ."c bab sdh ada bf ka?' and i said 'teda bf c bab skg mo'. .then he asked me back "knp teda??". .then i said "sb c bab xmaO'. .well it was the time i have no feeling with someone. .i lil funny. .but that it. .we will never get together again. .huhu. .~. .

but i guess now. .i have to let him free. .hurm. .let my mind be free too without thinking of him. .i guess. .can i?? i can if i try, right? hehe..well. .it was past memories. .n i'm still misses him. . that's the fact that i cant lie~~~

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