Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mY caLender jUst fiNish. .(n_n)v

~Just finishinG mY Last tOuch on mY LaptopmaDe caLender. .juSt fOr fuN. .it aLL aBout LOVE pix and quotes. .i donno if it sweet n niCe but i thiNk it waS ouKey ar. .nOthiNG so sPeciaL abOut it. .itS nOt b'Coz im maKing in in tHe mOnth of 'Love' but it's for mY oWn cOlleCtioN . .
1st i wannA maKe it aBout a coupLe. .aNiMe coupLe. .but aLL the piX are abOut 'kissinG'. .n tOo much cOlor. .if i wanna print iT out. .sO i juSt taKE a siMpLe piX. .n niCe piX coMbine it intO a Layout with eacH moNth of the yEar. .anD add sOme nOtes aBout Love. .vEry niCe. .n cAnt waIt tO prInt it Out. .huh. .=).

anD noW. .cOntinued seArchinG for inFo abOut A&W faSt fOOd. .aSsiGnmEnt fOr maRketinG. .nExt weEk neEd to pass it up. .hOho. .sO loNG. .nExt tmE wiLL . .coNtinued............~