Friday, October 24, 2014


~throwback memories~

Lots of things happen.
Lots of experience gain
Lots of adventure
In this Road to Jannah.

Love it, Live with it.
Ukhuwwah bonded tightly.
Love them all.

Road to Jannah.
Never tired with this journey.
My weekend never empty.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Its Hard To Forget

Its almost 1 Month i know the truth.. even i'm already forgive.. but it doesnt meant that i already forget.. im tired of all this nonsence thing.. I just pray for you to change.. and be happy with your own choice.. its not about i cannot accept you anymore... it just i cant take it anymore.. u taking me for granted... then.. just accept how it going to treat you now.. i dont care what you gonna do next.. just do it. I have no intention to know about it or you may
just leave me????
thanx for making me suffer a heartbleeding