Sunday, March 24, 2013


~ I've been thinking lately..
 what i wanna do for my future. .
. .well. .of cause i wanna have my own degree. .
. .i wanna continue my studies. .in hospitality. .
. .but as a supervisor at Taska. .i need to take care of the taska also. .
. .i think. .after this year. .n give a supervise to the other baby-sitter. .i think. .its okey for me to leave the job for them in about 3years?. .just let them follow the KAAK course. .then they understand, ,
its not long enough 3 years. .just. .a blink of time. .then i finish. .n i continued to worked there. .as long as i already finish my study. .n have a degree. .it okey to work at taska. .as long as it "punca rezki yang halal". .
that's what i've been thinking lately. .
. .hurm. .

istikharah~ . .the right solution. .
need the best answer for myself. .

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